The HERETIC is a Germanium-based fuzz pedal, aimed at working as well at low-gain settings as it does when dimed-out. We designed the HERETIC to offer a modern fuzz-pedal that highlights the musical fuzz of germanium transistors without sacrificing mid-range frequency, dynamics, or articulation. It plays well with others (when it needs to), it has simple controls, and it has USEABLE settings no matter where the knobs are turned. We’ve included a BIAS control so that this particular fuzz is not limited to guitarists only. Opening up the BIAS allows as much open low-end as you are comfortable with to pass through the circuitry. When the ATTACK is at it’s lowest setting, expect a transparent fuzz to add character to your signal; when it’s at it’s highest, expect full saturation. In between the two the HERETIC has a very dynamic range of fuzz, none of which can be deemed superfluous. The VOLUME control is capable of adding a huge boost. . . it all depends on what your amp can handle. All versions of the HERETIC are hand-built, hand-wired, hand-colored. The “C” variants of the HERETIC have a particularly rich custom paint added. No matter which one you choose, it’s one-of-a-kind.

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